How to Move with Fragile Items

Your Guide to Safely Transporting Valuables

It’s move time again and you’re stressing out about how to get your fragile items from Point A to Point B without them breaking. Relax, here at London, Ontario moving companies we’ve got you covered!

When it comes to moving, one of the most stressful parts is ensuring that all of your fragile items make it to your new home safely. Whether it’s your great-grandmother’s china or your child’s favorite toy, you want to be sure that nothing gets broken in transit. The good news is, with a little bit of planning and care, you can easily protect your valuables during a move. Here are our top tips:

When packing fragile items, use plenty of padding material such as bubble wrap, foam peanuts, or old towels and blankets. This will help prevent breakage if something shifts during transport. For example, if you’re packing dishes, wrap each one individually in bubble wrap and then place them in a box with padding on all sides.

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If you have furniture with delicate legs or arms, be sure to pad them well before moving. You can use furniture sliders to help move heavy pieces without damaging the floor or causing strain on your body.

Be sure to label all boxes containing fragile items clearly and prominently. This will help the movers know to handle these boxes with extra care.

If possible, transport fragile items in your own vehicle rather than putting them on the moving truck. This will minimize the risk of them being jostled around during the move.

Also, when you’re unpacking at your new home, take extra care with fragile items. Unpack them first and set them in a safe place where they won’t be accidentally knocked over or broken. With a little bit of care, you can easily protect your fragile belongings during a move. So don’t sweat it – we’ve got you covered!